Direct Marketing

Attracting high-quality submissions is critical to the success of a journal. That’s why our publishing teams work closely to increase visibility and promote the research we publish. The marketing campaigns we develop are targeted and data-driven to help our journal reach potential authors and readers and to maximize the success of our journal. In promoting the journal and publications to the public, the Anglophile Journal attempts to avoid actions detrimental to other parties (e.g., spreading spam) and to avoid misleading information between prospective authors and the publishers.

Our goals are to Raise awareness, Drive submissions, and Increase readership. The strategy we do:

Discoverability of Journal Homepage

The key goal of the discoverability of the journal homepage is to drive submissions by:

  • Showcasing the journal, its contents, and the editorial team
  • Helping authors navigate the submission and publication process.

The journal homepage provides a unique platform that highlights the journal’s aims and scope, important news, content, and journal insights (e.g., publication times).

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google play an important role in increasing the discoverability of our journal homepage and content on our platforms. We optimize our website content to improve its position in the major search engine rankings, increasing the visibility of our sites and individual journals. We ensure that our journal homepage is found by the broadest, most relevant audience by optimizing keywords, images, and headlines.

Social Media

Social media has become part of everyday life for researchers. To address this growing demand, we have established social media channels (Twitter) to promote new research and issue calls for submissions across a vast range of subject areas. These channels drive traffic to journal homepages and give researchers an opportunity to interact with us directly and accelerate networking within their communities.

Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for us to work together, providing researchers with what they want and need to know, building awareness of research and announcements, and attracting submissions for the journal. As an editor, we encourage you to support the journal on social media (Visit our Journal Twitter profile: @AnglophileJ).