Journal History

    • First Published (Vol. 1 No. 1) 2020

    • August 2020, Indexed Crossref
    • September 2020, Indexed Dimension
    • November 2018, Editor in Chief  and Managing Editor Anglophile Journal invited by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia to participate in Bimtek  Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah Internasional Bereputasi 2018 at Hotel Sany Rosa, Bandung.

    • Editor in Chief follow workshop Penulisan Artikel Jurnal Bereputasi at FEBI UIN Salatiga (2020)
    • January 2021, Editor in Chief Chief Anglophile Journal  follow Webinar Trick Penulisan Publikasi Jurnal Nasional by Relawan Journal Indonesia
    • November 2021, Team Anglophile Journal  follow Webinar Indeksasi Web of Science Declared by Relawan Journal Indonesia
    • December 2021, Team Anglophile Journal follow Webinar Management Workflow Journal Publication by Relawan Journal Indonesia
    • April 2022, Anglophile Journal submitted accreditation journal
    • April 2022, Team Anglophile Journal  follow Webinar Sosialisasi Setting dan Aktifasi DOI by Relawan Journal Indonesia
    • April 2022, Team Anglophile Journal  follow Webinar "Explore Research with Elicit: AI Research Assistant by Relawan Journal Indonesia
    • June 2022, Anglophile Journal on desk evaluation process at accreditation journal (ARJUNA)
    • June 2022, Anglophile Journal Collaboration with  English Lingusitics, Literature, and Education (ELITE) Asociation
    • April 2023, Anglopile Journal Changed Template Journal
    • April 2023, Anglopile Journal Strated Activating CrossMark on article publication Vol 3 No 1 April 2023