Konstruksi Filsafat Pendidikan Islam dalam Pemikiran Abdul Munir Mulkhan


  • Wagiyo Wagiyo Madrasah Aliyah Nurul Ummah Kotagede Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The dynamic of Islamic education in Indonesia has been developing right now significant.  The indication of this assumption is based on the raising more of the public moslem by interesting to choose the Islamic foundations. Besides that, there is quantity development of the Islamic school, Islamic boarding school, and Islamic education science faculty which is spread out throughout the whole of this country. Modernization of the Islamic education has to be done based on the scientific awareness culture. Scientific awareness in the Islamic education activities can be brought into reality by understanding the urgency of Islamic education philosophy. Abdul Munir Mulkhan has an opinion about the problem philosophies in Islamic education which have to be solved quickly. The writing of Islamic education philosophy books which are used as the authority references at university are not compiled by thinking or concept which is developed in the Islamic philosophy or do not source from thought tradition in Islam world. The other side, the construction of Islamic education philosophy is designed without based on the any abstraction of the Islamic education practice which exist in the moslem communities. Even though, we know that Islamic education is the best way to build the character. These are two main problems according Abdul Munir Mulkhan opinion about the construction of Islamic education philosophy. Faculty of teacher and Islamic education science has an academic responsibility to ensure the quality of Islamic education which in according to Islam vision or Islam philosophy.

Keywords: Islamic Education, Problem Philosophy, Abdul Munir Mulkhan Thought



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