Peran Pendidikan Spiritual dalam Membentuk Ahlak Anak Perspektif al-Qur`an di Era Post Truth

  • Sahroni Sahroni STAI An Nadwah Kuala Tungkal, Indonesia.


The morals of children in the post truth era are worrying, they commit various types of treason but they are even proud of these treasons. The irony is that some people consider this behavior to be the truth, deviant behavior is considered correct and correct behavior is considered deviant (post truth), to fix this phenomenon, the most appropriate education is needed, namely spiritual education. Spiritual education is an inner education that can clear a person's mind and heart to the origin of its occurrence, namely purity. This article aims to find out how spiritual education is from an Al-Qur'an perspective and the role of spiritual education in shaping children's morals from an Al-Qur'an perspective in the post truth era, fulfilling the data using relevant literature studies and supporting references. This article argues that education that only prioritizes texts and materials and the example of an educator cannot last long, it will fade with the passage of time and circumstances. However, with spiritual education, a person wherever and whenever he is will remain and continue to be maintained during istiqomah in honing and sharpening his spiritual dimension through mujahadah, advice and dhikr

Keywords:  Spiritual Education, Ahlakul karimah, Post Truth

Nov 18, 2023
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SAHRONI, Sahroni. Peran Pendidikan Spiritual dalam Membentuk Ahlak Anak Perspektif al-Qur`an di Era Post Truth. Attractive : Innovative Education Journal, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 3, p. 249-261, nov. 2023. ISSN 2685-6085. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 11 dec. 2023. doi:

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